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Welcome to ARMED Central Command

All members regardless of Tier, Statistics, Level or Membership Status share in clan wars gold bounty disbursement and Gold prize competitions weekly.


We are agressively recruiting individual players as well as entire clans.  Our rules are simple: 

Register on our Clan web site 

Install Teamspeak 3 Client and be in it while playing tanks

Have a good attitude and be a team player!


 If you have any other questions or concerns E-Mail me at 

Thanks for visiting................................joerocs1 


                                                                           additional rules apply.








 ARMED Central Command Needs You!!!


ARMED is looking for assistance in the following areas:

  • Web Site Development / Updating
  • Project Management / Great Leadership Capabilites
  • Well-versed Individuals in written & oral communication

If you posses the skills and are eager to lend a hand to your clan; please contact Joerocs1 for additional information.

ARMED correspondent reporting from Malta
TANK TALK with Mike Allen